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It’s Not The Size That Counts… Love Your Paycheck

Money comes, money goes. Most people want more money, yet may have mixed feelings about money. There are times we love money and times money and fear are holding hands.  Finances can be a constant struggle and a bag of mixed emotions. Sometimes, we may even wonder if you can have more money and still be a good person? Of course you can.

Money is only a form of energy.

The concept that money is energy is something I have been shifting in myself. Here is a new exercise I have been experimenting with… and it has been making a big difference.

Every once in a while I get a blast of nerves when I think about paying all of our bills. Will there be enough in our bank account to pay all of the bills and still have enough left over for food? What about any fun? Though, it is pretty easy to find free fun, thank goodness. Even more so on the rare sunny days here in the PNW.

To fight the nerves, I decided on payday I was going to start being extremely grateful for our paycheck instead of thinking it wasn’t enough. I start by having an attitude of gratitude before taking a peek at our checking account. Then, once I look at the deposit in our bank account, I feel joy. Finally, after each bill I pay I say “thank you, thank you, thank you for being able to make this payment.”

This exercise really shifted my perspective from fear to gratitude. Because in all actuality, I have more than enough in my life. I do have an abundance… all that is needed to do is look around and take notice.

Now whenever stress tries to sneak in, I start to list off the reasons that I am grateful and all that our paycheck, no matter what size, provides for our family. And it does provide.