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My Naked Soul

When I was younger, I loved poetry. I couldn’t wait to get the latest issue of the magazines that shared poetry in them. I would spend hours writing my own poetry. During my junior year in high school, we spent time dedicated to writing poetry. I was in love.

If a boy wrote me a poem, I melted. I have kept pretty much any piece of poetry I have written or received over the years. They mean something to me that I can’t quite explain. Spoken word poetry or slam poetry is something I find fascinating¬†as well. I will catch myself spending hours on YouTube watching others, such as Harry Baker.

How amazing words are. You can place them in certain ways that evoke so much emotion. That is also why when it comes to music, I am all about the lyrics. A good beat is great, too, but lyrics move me.

Now I know some people are truly gifted with the ability to link words together in a way that feels life changing or as if they are looking into your soul. How can anyone know you that well?! I am not yet at that level. However, starting to add poetry back into my life is something I am feeling pulled to do.

Naked Soul is something I wrote the other day. It expressed what I was feeling as I am deciding to¬†do some things a little different this year and I know so many people try to keep themselves in the darkness confusing that with protecting their heart from hurt. When in all reality they are creating more pain for themselves. And they express this pain through being a “hater”. My love is stronger than their hate.



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