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Why You Need To Check Out Mt. Tabor

We LOVE Mt. Tabor

Our family likes to go on a lot of adventures. However, we find ourselves going back to Mt. Tabor often. Each time feels familiar yet it is a completely different experience.


Mt. tabor, family fun
One of our favorite places to spend time. Little love wanted his eyes shut for the photo.
Mt tabor family fun
One of our first finds when we first moved to the Portland area in 2015

Some Cool Things About Mt. Tabor

It is a volcanic cinder cone – so that’s pretty neat.

The off leash area is incredible for your adventure dog. Though, we just discovered this gem, a month after we lost our Maddox. So that is a bummer for us. However, for the rest of you that like to bring your dog with on your adventures, this is a fantastic dog part to let them roam and play in the trees.


off leash area Mt. Tabor
This is one of the ways into the off leash area. There are several other gated options as well.
off leash area at Mt. Tabor
Here is the sign at one entrance of the off leash area.
off leash area Mt. Tabor
The off leash area is so large, I could only get a tiny glimpse with this photo.

The park is great for the kiddos. It is a mostly shaded area with playground equipment. Near by is a basketball court. There are also places that are covered to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends.

If you are into running stairs… it will be a happy day for you if you want to find them and get your workout on. You will not be alone.


Mt Tabor, things to do in Portland, OR
This is one option of stairs to run or walk up to the top. There is also the road or dirt trails.
Mt. Tabor
We even found more stairs. Oscar is testing out running them.

Lots of different hiking paths.

I don’t think we have ever had the same experience. Every time we go, we may come upon a place we have been before, however the way we get there is usually different and we love that. This helps it feel like a new adventure every time.


Mt Tabor

Mt Tabor
We even found a light pole on this adventure.

The views are gorgeous. You can see Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens along with incredible views of Portland.

Mount Hood from Mt. Tabor
Great view on a clear day of Mount Hood
plant at Mt. Tabor
A pretty plant while walking around Mt. Tabor
Mount Hood from Mt. Tabor
Another shot of Mount Hood from Mt. Tabor.

For the risk takers,

you can skate board or bike down the long winding roads.

When you make it to the top of Mt. Tabor you will find other people enjoying nature. Sometimes we see people practicing martial arts while others are enjoying their book while eating their packed lunch. No matter what, we have always smiled once we are at the top. With the view, it would be impossible not to.


Mt. Tabor
Spring time at Mt. Tabor

There are bathroom facilities here and there throughout the area.

bathroom facility at Mt Tabor
This was a bathroom that is near the beginning of the stairs.


And, it’s free!! For anyone on a budget or not, this is a great place to spend the day. You can pack a lunch or snacks to bring with you. Walk around and enjoy the view and people that you may meet along the way.


Do you have a must see place in your city? Please share so we can add it to our list of places to visit.