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Morning Mindset – Are Your Words & Actions In Harmony?

Hello Friends! Let’s start the day by getting our mindset in a more POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE.

Our morning routine can really influence the awesome or crappy level of the rest of our day.

So let’s make our day awesome!


Starting with a big fat dose of gratitude my friends. Take a couple of minutes or as much as you need to think about and recognize three things you are grateful for. These things of gratitude can be small, big, from the past or current. You decide. Pick 3 and get your gratitude on.

Really feel it. Smell it. Live it.

Gratitude For What Is To Come

Now take at least one minute to really visualize a goal of yours as if it ALREADY came true. The goal is ACCOMPLISHED, COMPLETED!! Celebrate this awesomeness in your head. Feel how good it feels to have this goal met, notice as many details as possible. Really live in this moment as if you already have what you seek. (Because you really already do – just gotta be open to receiving it.) So enjoy the crap out of this exercise. It’s candy for the brain.

Relationship Shout Out

First, recognize a characteristic or positive quality about yourself that you really enjoy. And be thankful for that. Because my friend, you are AWESOME.

Now, if you are in a relationship, think of something that you admire about your partner. Let it sink in for a moment. Ah, that’s nice.

Get Moving

Take a minute to do some sort of movement that you know you can comfortable do. This can be push ups, squats, jumping sacks, walking in place, dancing around, air pumps, jumping up and down. You get the idea. And while you are moving say your affirmation over and over and over and over.

Today, I will do kettle bell swings and some yoga. I’ll post the yoga video I will be doing. And my affirmation is going to be, “Money and I make a great team. We make the world a better place.”  Ah, that gets me all jazzed up just writing that little gem. I guess my fingers are a moving!


Send A Text

Think of someone you think is awesome sauce. Now send that little ray of sunshine in your life a text that tells them something SPECIFIC about why you think they are awesome.

Ponder This

Finally, ponder this throughout your day.

  • Are your values and actions in harmony?
  • Do your actions match your words?
  • What situations misalign your words and actions?
  • In what situations do you thrive in that allows your actions and words to be in sync?
  • How do you treat your family and friends in comparison to yourself?
  • Do you treat some friends better than others? If so, why might this be?
  • Do you feel pleased by your actions? When you don’t, what do you do?
  • How do you help yourself grow instead of shaming yourself?
  • What would it take to have consistent harmony with your words and actions?
  • How would this type of consistency benefit your soul?


There you have it. Enjoy your day and celebrate that you took a few moments for yourself. What is one of your favorite ways to get into a positive mindset? Comment below! I’d love to know!

Much love to you my friends!!

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts! I love to hear from my readers. Much love, Steph