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Hearthstone Is Benefitting My Relationship

Hello Hearthstone

Keoni is pretty much a master at video games and I can barely figure out how to move around in a game. However, my husband finally got me to play a video game. For reals. Like play it at least once a day with him. His birthday was on the 17th and he requested that I play Hearthstone with him for his birthday gift.

So I did. And it is actually pretty fun online card game. Though I like to stick with the Mage, Priest, and Rogue. I find the Hunter to be impossible to beat… but it is a really fun way to spend 30 minutes at the end of the night connecting with my husband. And I am learning something completely new. I hear this is great for your brain is you age. Yay for brain exercise!

It is providing an opportunity for him to teach me something he really loves and is really great at. We have a fun thing – that we both enjoy – that we can do together and interact with each other instead of watching TV or movies in silence. And bonus… the matches are usually about 10 to 15 minutes, so it doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

This lead me to think about all you other awesome couples out there.

Why Not Learn A Hobby That Your Partner Loves

I mean really… why not agree to try something that your significant other is really into? Maybe you can each influence the other and who knows what you might discover. This doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time with them. Especially for those who love to have your own thing. But how nice to share something on occasion to bring your different worlds together.

Over the years, Keoni has been open to hiking, yoga, and has even crafted with me! Therefore, it is a good idea for me to try some of the things he loves. Our things don’t always stick or have each other doing the activity on our own. However, we are still connecting with each other, learning about each other, and understanding our partner on a deeper level when we take time to show interest in a hobby of theirs.

Now, I will never be at the level of video game love that Keoni has. But now we have a game we can play together from time to time and it is one of his favorites. And I actually enjoy it. This also lead me to understand it more and why every once in a while he wants to spend real money on a deck of cards.

This means I can support that more and he understands why I want to spend money on buying craft supplies for the little one and I to do together. What a fun way to have one less disagreement on where our money goes. 🙂 (It is a good idea to each have some play money each month – even if only $5 – but that is for another post.)

This leads me to offer you a challenge.

Try one of your partners hobbies with a cheerful and open attitude. See what happens. And then comment below what hobby you tried and any benefits that came from that experience.

Also, for anyone who wants to learn a video game to surprise your partner with, Keoni is offering video game coaching. Click here to schedule your session with him. Whatever video game you want to learn or get better at, he will coach you on.

Have a beautiful day!

Much Love – Steph