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Change Is Knocking – Open The Door

Knock knock.

Who is it?


Change who?

Change for you.

No ones home.

I will wait. I hear your heart and know that you need me.

No, you are too scary. What if things just get worse instead of better?

Fearing me is not unusual. It is true, things may feel worse at first. Though, the worse usually fades to better.

Besides, what do you know? You have never been in my shoes. You don’t know what my life is like or what I have been through.

I have seen pain in many forms.

Not my pain.

Perhaps. I still know you need me. Especially when it feels like you are struggling to breathe.

What could you possibly teach me? How can you help me when you have never been through what I have been through?

I bring love with me. Besides, I don’t need to have gone through what you have gone through when you are ready for me. When you are hungry, nothing stands in your way. Excuses won’t be made. Until then, the excuses are everywhere.

Uh huh. Well my reasons are not excuses.

Excuses try to trick you into thinking you don’t need me to get where you want to go. To live in a way you have never lived. You know they are doing their job when you defend them more than you fight for yourself.

mmmmm….. I am not sure I am ready to give up what I know.

I understand that. Even the things that contribute to the pain in our life can feel like a friend or comfort. Aren’t you curious to live life without pain being the leading role?

I don’t think that is possible for me.

Perhaps. Only one way to find out. Experiment with me.


You would also have to be willing to let go of that victim mentality. That the world is out to get you. That life would be better without you.

I don’t think I could do that. I feel special when I am the victim. Cared about. Sometimes even loved.

What if I told you that you could still be special, cared about and loved even when you are not the victim? When you adjust your role in life others will need time to adjust theirs.

What if they won’t love me if I am not broken? I would stay broken the rest of my life to feel love every once in a while.

What if they love you through your transition, it just looks different than it does today? Also, you could let them know what you need and when you feel loved.

Mmmm… that also feels scary. What if they say no?

They could always say no. But what if they say yes? And the ones that say no, perhaps they are not meant to go forward with you. I know you would miss them and that would suck. Is that enough to give up your potential future?

If I could just have a guarantee that with you, Change, my life would be better and I would never feel this way again. I’d invite you in.

Oh, my friend. I can promise you that even with me, you will feel heartache and overwhelmed from time to time. That will be a part of your life regardless of what path you take. I offer you freedom to embrace yourself and live the life that you are trying to suppress by fighting for your sadness. I offer you the chance to fight for your happiness, your dreams, and your life.

It seems like an impossible road. How would I even start?

By inviting me in.


If you are ready to invite change in and want a guide, I just may be your gal. Email me at Stephanie@livehappylifeskills.com or check out my coaching site here.  Have a lovely day. Sending positivity your way. <3