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I Saw You Dancing Today

My grandma died yesterday. She was a creative soul and I thought I would write a few words for her and put this together as a way to start my healing process and honor her creativity.   Much Love, Steph


I Am Not a Guru

I(Keoni) am not a guru when it comes to personal development. However, I qualify as a personal development expert according to Tim Ferriss’s book, The 4-Hour Workweek. I have read/listened to an absurd amount of business and personal development books. And then I apply what I am learning that speaks to me and my journey.… Read More I Am Not a Guru


The Best Business Books

The Best Business¬†Books I always listen to audio books if they are available. Free Audio Book with Audible. If I can’t find the business book or any book for that matter on Audible,¬†I will read it. If i’m getting crazy I will listen to it while I’m reading it to get the most out of… Read More The Best Business Books