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Are You Treating Your Time Like The Priceless Resource It Is?

Let’s have a love affair with time shall we?!

Seriously, come along with me on this journey.

Time is always with us. We are always with time. Our lives are connected with time. Yet, it is always leaving us. And we can’t get more. No matter how much we plead or sweet talk it. Once it is gone… that’s it. Nevertheless, it arrives the next day.

We can count on time to show up. However, we also know that every sunset means we have less time on our clock of life.

Time is one of the greatest resources we have.

And it treats everyone the same. No matter your income, race or who you love, we are all given 24 hours in a day. Millionaires don’t have extra hours. As far as I know that time turner watch that Hermione has in Harry Potter is just fantasy. Perhaps I am mistaken and a few of them are out there.

Regardless, you don’t have that clock. Nor do I. So what we do with our time matters. Like truly matters to the joy in our lives and how fulfilled we feel at the end of each day.

Are you spending your time the way you really want to be?

Honestly, ask yourself that. If you want to get fit are you spending your time to make that happen? Or are you spending your time on something that takes you away from being fit? Possibly practicing being a couch potato?

If your goal is to watch every Netflix original in your life time, great, you just might be on your way to accomplishing that. But if not, trade some of that time for your greater goal.

Do you want to run your own company? How much time do you spend on that every day? Again, what are you spending your time doing? Plan and then DO! And DO so hard, that you feel good about your time spent.

Is your relationship thriving? Are you investing time into? What would happen if you spent as much time investing in your relationship as you did on Facebook or playing that new hot game on your phone? Minutes matter.

Are you giving your time to people who light you up or drag you down? How much time are you spending on personal development each day? Though, if you plan to be the exact same person 10 years from now that you are today, personal development would be a waste of time.

I love spending time…

with people who feel good to be around. Providing a service to others. Doing my part to lift the positive frequency of the world. After all, we are all connected. What happens to one, happens to all.

Investing in my personal development. If I am the same a year from now, I’ve done something wrong. I missed an opportunity to expand and grow into myself.

Be kind to myself and others. Playing. When my son asks me to play, my answer is yes. Exploring. Taking it in. Learning something new. Meeting new people.

I’ve wasted too much time….

in anger. In letting hurt overtake my ability to forgive. Fear has definitely had it’s share of my time. I used to be so scared to make anyone upset at me, I had to please everyone. What would other’s think of me was another fear I carried for way too long. If I could count up all the minutes I spent being scared of spiders… I wonder what would have been accomplished in that time instead.

What about the time given to worry? Dang, my time was being spent in careless ways. Worry, fear, and with people who don’t realize the hurt they can produce.

It’s time to change. My time is for an incredible life. I want to be the happiest person I know. This means I must be wise with my time.

What will you do with your time?

Friends, I encourage you, take back some of your time for yourself. To accomplish your goals, to spend on self-care, and to succeed at enjoying life. ┬áBecause once you run out, that’s it. No do-overs.

Use your time to put your joy into action. End each day with a huge grin on your face, knowing that you invested wisely.


Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts! I love to hear from my readers. Much love, Steph