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12 Thoughtful Things To Do For Your Love On A Budget

Sometimes The Budget Is Tight

And this may prevent us from spoiling our love the way we would like to or used to once-upon-a-time. I beg you to not let your budget get in the way of pampering your partner.  Or the length of your relationship stop you from being thoughtful. Being thoughtful after 10, 15, 20 years together just might be more important than being thoughtful while you are dating.

Plus, everyone likes to feels special and thought about. I mean really, can you honestly think of one person who doesn’t want to feel loved? Even though our ways of feeling loved might differ and be all over the place, feeling important in a relationship is pretty important. It’s important to remember, romance and intimacy starts WAY before the bedroom.

No matter what the budget is.

12 Thoughtful Things To Do For Your Lover On A Budget

Write A Love Note

Yep, that simple or complicated, if you must. Seriously any length will do. Draw a heart on the steamed up mirror while your partner is showering. Simple right?! And it is super cute.

Not sure what to write? How about something you really like about your love or a memory that brings a smile to your face. Find something to write on, write a sentence down, and leave the note somewhere for your partner to find.

Let your personalities come into this as well. If you like to paint… paint something. If you are into making food, plate with love. Get creative with this or keep it simple. Just start doing this. Often. By often, I mean at least once a month.

Get Dirty…. By Doing A Chore That Isn’t Yours

That’s right. I said it. Help your love out by doing one of their chores! How thoughtful is that? Pretty dang thoughtful if you ask me. Especially if you pick a chore that is one that your partner doesn’t really enjoy doing. At. All.

This chore can be one that is on their daily to do or a big chore that happens every once in a while. You pick. Do the chore with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

This is a great because it is literally giving your partner more time in their day for something else. Who doesn’t want more time? Maybe they can do something they enjoy instead of the chore or if you are teaming up the chores get done faster and more fun together time for the both of you later!

Send A Thoughtful Text

Yep, we are all on our phones way too much. So why not use that to your advantage? Send a cute or flirty text here and there.

Again, this stuff isn’t complicated. Take 2 minutes to send a “Just thinking of you” text to the one you love. Or share something about your day. Ask a question. Send a GIF. Just do something.

Surprise Treat

Maybe you have room in that tight budget to stop by the store and pick up a treat. Bring the treat home and surprise your love with it. Then enjoy it together. Don’t just give it to them and then peace out. Spend time with them. Talk to each other about your day or whatever you want. Enjoy the treat together. Smile. Laugh. Love.

A Nice Soak

Who doesn’t love a good, relaxing bath? Make a bath for your partner. Add in some bubbles, essential oils, or even epsom salt. Maybe enough time for them to wind down with a show or podcast. It feels so good to just relax.

Hello Massage Time

What about a nice massage? Maybe you don’t want to do the whole body. So don’t. Pick a part and give them a 10 minute massage. Just give the massage and your love your attention.

You can even make a DIY massage oil for this. You can make it a romantic setting or not. These thoughtful things don’t always have to have a “romantic theme,” sometimes we just want our calves rubbed and then a good nights sleep. Other times a little massage is a great pregame for some mattress dancing.

Paper Flowers

So there isn’t enough money in the budget to buy some flowers. Do you have paper? Make a flower out of paper. Youtube has pretty much tutorials for anything. I am sure you could find one on there. Let me do the work for you. Bam! There you go. Here are two, but there were a ton to pick from.



Give A Compliment

Again, this seems so easy, yet can be really hard to do for some. So let’s break it down. If you are thinking something nice about your partner… tell them. Seriously, share your kind thoughts. No matter what it is about. Even if it is the way you like how your partners toes look in their sandals. Share that stuff with them.

Do they make the best tacos you have ever had? Tell them! Spoil them with the nice things you have to say about them. Let them know how much you enjoy who they are as a person, your time with them, and all the other stuff that makes you want to keep them around.

Play A Song That Makes You Think Of Them

Okay… we all like music. It may be different music, but we listen to something when we can. If a song makes you think about your love face, share that song with them. Let them know that whenever you hear this song, they come to mind.

Play it for them. Maybe you can even dance to it. Doesn’t matter if it is a slow song or a fast dance song. Have fun with it. Make it a moment. Or just play it on the drive to the store. Either way, this is a really nice gesture.

Wear A Favorite Outfit Of Theirs

Most of us know an outfit that our partner just loves us in. Next time you are going to spend some time together, put on that outfit. Wear the fragrance they like. Or wear something they got you. These things are simple and no words need to be spoken. It’s an action that says a lot.

Make A Favorite Meal

Does your guy or gal have a favorite meal that you know or don’t know how to make? If you don’t know how to make it, put in the extra work to learn. And then surprise them with it! Maybe it is breakfast in bed, a nice picnic lunch, or a cozy dinner.

Hugs Daily

Hugs do not get enough credit. But man can they do wonders in any relationship. Make sure every day is complete with a hug at some point.

You can even find ways to add in little (non-sexual) touches throughout the day. A touch on the back, hold hands for a moment, kiss on the head… you get the idea.

Little touches and hugs are very healing and connecting. So don’t be greedy with your hugs. Give em’ up!

So there you have it.

12 ways to be thoughtful on a budget. Now you may not want to do all of these. That’s okay. Just pick something to do often, as in on a weekly basis, for your love to let them know how much they do matter to you.

What other ways do you get creative and let your cuddle buddy know that you are thinking of them? Share in the comments! And as always, thank you for reading our blog. Much love!!

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